Marine Civil Engineering

We have the skills and experience to offer our clients a complete package for their marine works requirements. The DiveCo management tean have over 25 year's experience in complex marine construction projects. We have all started on site as either young commercial divers or site staff and have worked our way up through the ranks. Thus, we have grown into a strong results led management team competent in project leadership and equipment selection.


We are happy to encompass the role of Principal Contractor for CDM Regulations and have experience in the following fields ?

  • Supply and Placement of River Wall Remedial Scour Protection
  • Marine Piling
  • Timber and Structural Repairs to Piers and Jetties
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Cable Laying and Trenching
  • Heavy Salvage

Our management team have the support of the GPS Marine Civil Engineering Division and as such can call on any and all resources required to complete your works. Examples of the projects we have recently completed are ?

  • Sun Pier Debris Clearance and Pontoon Installation
  • Tilbury Dock Entrance ? Ship Impact Remedial Works
  • King George V Dock - Connaught Bridge Repair Works
  • Kingsnorth PS ? CW Culvert Sealing



Marine Civil Engineering

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