Subsea ROV Inspection

There are many situations in which a Subsea ROV will be required and here at DiveCo we can assist with that. Whether, for inspections, debris removal or video surveys we can help with a variety of Inspection class ROVs to cover your requirements. ROVs can prove to be hugely cost effective and are often able to access previously inaccessible areas. This can not only save expenditure on your project in the long term but also has the added Health and Safety advantages of not utilising live personnel.


We can help with works on:-

  • Culverts
  • Docks and dock walls
  • Bridge supports
  • Hull inspections
  • Water tank and pipe inspections
  • Salvage

Over the years our personnel have been commissioned both in the UK and overseas to supply specialist staff and equipment to undertake several projects where an ROV was required.

In Saudi Arabia we carried out the detailed survey and reporting of flooded tunnels and culverts utilising our Seaeye Falcon c/w ?Purpose Built Inertial Navigation Tray and Sonar equipment for the Saudi Geological Survey.

  • In London our personnel were commissioned by Thames Water to plot the telemitary of Victorian sewers throughout the East London region utilising Inertial Navigation and Sonar on a bespoke floating platform.
  • In Croatia we were hired by the UK Overseas Development Agency (ODA) to survey and inspect via the use of a Hyball Remote Operated Vehicle on the Peruca Dam which had recently suffered large structural damage during a military attack.



Subsea ROV Inspection

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