Splash Zone Protection

Underwater Protection SystemSplash zones on structures at sea are under constant attack from the corroding effects off wind and water. Often, splash zones are in tidal areas where the constant flow of sea water has a damaging effect on metal, wood or concrete. Splash zone protection is important to extend the life of a structure at sea for as long as possible.

That's where the SeaShield system comes in. Whether pile leg protection, jetty legs and piles. harbour legs or piers, the SeaSheild splash zone protection system is an effective way to limit the damage caused by the elements.

The system consists of specially formulates pastes and caulking to even out the surface to be treated. This is needed in cases where the structure is badly pitted and corroded. The paste and caulking evens out the surface to create the best possible adhesion to the tape that is applied next.

Using a tensioning system, the petrolatum based tape is applied spirally around the pile or leg and forms a strong bond to the structure via a membrane which seals out air and water, thus eliminating the causes of metal corrosion completely. The splash zone is encased in the protective tape ensuring that the structure in fully protected, even in the harshest of weather environments.

Once the tape is in place, a tough outer jacket is secured in place using stainless steel bolts to protect the tape from physical damage.

GPSM DiveCo are able to both supply and install the SeaShield 2000FD system, developed by Denso. As fully trained approved suppliers of the SeaShield splash zone protection system, and experienced as marine contractors, DiveCo are able to deal with any project around the UK and beyond.

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