Underwater Protection

Underwater Protection SystemUnderwater protection from corrosion is essential to preserve the life of a structure at sea for as long as possible. Whether made of steel, wood, concrete or other substance, jetty, pier and harbour legs or piles receive a continuous battering from the elements and are vulnerable to attack from wind, rain and water - especially in the splash zone. Traditional solutions such as paint are not so effective in extreme weather conditions where a more robust installation is desirable.

That's where the SeaShield 2000 FD system comes in. With it's proven track record in providing underwater protection even in the harshest and most demanding of environments, the specially formulated range of products is designed to help preserve the life of a structure, whether in harbour or in other coastal environments, for as long as possible. Our piling tape is created from petrolatum to enable a secure and lasting bond to the piling, driving out water and forming a protective membrane that expels air too, ensuring that metal corrosion is virtually eliminated.

Alongside the piling tape and protective outer jacket, the underwater protection system also utilises specially formulated paste and caulking to improve the contours of the structure to be wrapped, ensuring that gaps are sealed and that pits and depressions even in badly corroded and pitted steel, both above and below the water line, are filled to provide a smooth surface ready for the tape to be applied. Once the tape in is place, the tough HDPE outer jacket is fitted using a simple closure system and made secure with stainless steel bolts resulting in a highly effective underwater protection system.

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