Health & Safety Policy

DiveCo Marine Ltd is fully committed to conducting all our activities in a safe and conscientious manner to prevent injury and ill-health to our employees, subcontractors, self-employed workers, and members of the general public.

DiveCo Marine Ltd will comply with all applicable health & safety legislation and constantly strive to achieve best practice in all areas of our operations. We fully recognise the importance of achieving good standards of occupational health & safety management and the impact this has on the effectiveness and sustainability of our business and are fully committed to complying with all applicable health & safety legislation.

We constantly strive to achieve best practice in all areas of our operations. We also recognise the need to continually aim for improvement and shall provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and measurable targets. We always expect every employee and subcontractor to achieve and maintain the highest standards of occupational health & safety and to comply fully with the objectives of this Policy Statement, and the following responsibilities and arrangements where appropriate.

The existence of the Health & Safety Management System is the direct responsibility of the Managing Director.

We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and target zero philosophy in the workplace.

We have implemented a comprehensive risk management process to ensure the activities we conduct are encompassed within the principles of ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Possible).

We are committed to continuously improving our Health & Safety management and performance and look to achieve this by constant monitoring and reviewing, the setting of objectives and achieving strategic targets.

We shall continually look to develop a strong safety culture and recognise that the maximum level we can expect from our employees is the minimum level demonstrated by management.

We shall develop a high degree of Health & Safety awareness and competence amongst our employees through management communications and training programmes.

We pride ourselves on our Health & Safety standards and expect the same standards from others with whom we contract and interact.


  1. The Directors have the overall responsibility for health & safety within the Organisation. The main responsibility being to ensure adequate resource and provisions are made available so that all employees and subcontractors can comply with the requirements of this Policy Statement and the occupational health & safety management systems.
  2. Each member of the management team is responsible for ensuring that due consideration is given to the occupational health & safety implications of any decision or proposal made in their respective area of responsibility.
  3. All employees are responsible for complying with this Policy Statement and the occupational health & safety management systems, and for working in a safe manner at all times.
  4. All employees and subcontractors must bring any occupational health & safety concerns or suggestions to the attention of the Directors, through their line manager or other appropriate person.

The occupational health & safety management processes will aim to:

  1. Identify and monitor the health & safety hazards and risks associated with our operations and put in place such controls as may be necessary to eliminate or reduce them.
  2. Identify minimum competency requirements and arrange any necessary training or other actions to ensure that these are met for all employees and subcontractors.
  3. Provide all employees with appropriate personal protective equipment to limit their exposure to occupational health & safety risks.
  4. Ensure all accidents and near-miss incidents are reported using the established procedures. Where appropriate these will be investigated, and corrective and preventative measures taken.
  5. Monitor compliance with legislation and the management system to identify improvements and trends that can be used when reviewing the occupational health & safety management systems.
  6. The Organisation will establish, monitor, and review measurable occupational health & safety objectives, targets, and programs as part of the management review processes.

We recognise that the success of this Policy depends on the combined efforts of all employees and subcontractors and to this end will fully support anyone encountering difficulties complying with it.

This Policy will be reviewed annually, or sooner following experience or because of operational or organisational changes.

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All of our subcontractors and trusted project partners are subject to a comprehensive assessment process, in accordance with our own quality assurance and health and safety standards and accreditations, and closely monitored throughout their contractual period to ensure compliance with our policies and procedures.