Lower Hope Nature Reserve

Marshes and RSBP nature reserve

5 months


  • Source plant – crane barge, flat-top barges, safety vessels and tugs for vessel movement
  • Supply, deliver and place a geotextile filter membrane to the trimmed foreshore
  • Supply and deliver approx. 7,000 tonnes of rip rap armour stone, sourced from Norway, and placed to the design profiles
  • Infill between the installed rip rap and the exposed sheet piles, with approx. 2,000 tonnes of cohesive material


The Lower Hope wetlands lay on the banks of the River Thames.  This key RSPB nature reserve is a site of special scientific interest, but also the home to several historic buildings, including the remains of an old wooden pier and Cliffe Fort.  The existing flood defence wall was failing and in need of urgent repair, to prevent flooding, and to protect this prestigious, but fragile site.

DiveCo Marine is the principal marine contractor for Team2100.  Our ability to quickly source the floating plant required, and local proximity to the site, made us the logistical choice to carry out the work.

Working to a tight timescale due to migrating wildlife, and only at low tide, our contract works comprised the installation of a geotextile filter membrane and overlying rip rap rock armour, and introduction of a cohesive material to prevent further corrosion of the existing sheet piles, at the toe of the concrete apron slab.

Due to the sensitive nature of the site, we were not allowed to deliver any materials, plant, or equipment by road. All deliveries were made by barge, to mitigate any impact on the local wildlife.

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