Marine Construction

We pride ourselves on our “Right First Time” approach in all that we do, and to maintain our consistently high standards DiveCo Marine has an experienced, highly skilled, and qualified workforce.

Our personnel have extensive experience in complex marine construction projects. Enhanced by efficient mobilisation of plant and materials, our multi-disciplined commercial dive teams offer our clients the professionalism and highest levels of site safety possible, to ensure the job is completed right first time, and on budget.

Working together as a team, our in-house team comprises of experienced, Directors, Project Managers, Supervisors, in-house personnel, and specialist trusted partners, we can design, fabricate, and install bespoke engineering solutions for a vast variety of applications.


  • Underwater formwork, concreting and grout repairs
  • Newbuild construction on redeveloped riverbanks
  • Supply and installation of limpet cofferdams
  • Sheet pile cofferdams
  • Sheet piling, wall inspection and checks to confirm placement and durability
  • Dock, river, and harbour wall repairs
  • Installation of scour protection systems, for both natural and manmade locations
  • Installation of fender systems
  • Lock gate removal, replacement, and repairs
  • Damaged pile/dolphin, removal, replacement, and repairs
  • Slipway installation, inspection, and repairs
  • Underwater demolition
  • Hydro demolition and diamond wire cutting
  • Flood risk mitigation, and repairs
  • Reservoir modification and maintenance
  • Sewage and contaminated water diving
  • Nuclear/electric power stations, forebays and inlet/outlet structures
  • Coastal protection, rock armouring, precast concrete sea defence units
  • Seabed and debris clearance and levelling
  • Inhouse design and fabrication

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