West India Dock

Removal & Re-Instatement of Lock Gates

London, E14
9 months


  • Pre-works – diving and confined space surveys, including de-silting of internal chambers
  • Working with specialist marine engineers, to calculate weight and tipping point of 350 tonne lock gates
  • Refurbishment of existing Limpet Cofferdam
  • Installation and dewatering of the Limpet Cofferdam
  • Unstepping and restepping the lock gates
  • Transportation of the lock gates to dry dock
  • Replacement of the lock gate pintles
  • Refurbishment of lock gate, timber mitre and quoin
  • Concrete cill repairs and other instructed works
  • Plant hire – crane lifts


West India Dock, now known as Canary Wharf, was once part of the busiest port in the world and one of the first purpose-built docks to be built in London. The docks were closed in 1980 and are now home to some of the world’s largest banks, hi-tech businesses, and luxury apartments.

Five companies tendered for this prestigious contract.  DiveCo Marine won the contract based on our clear methodology for both the initial inspections, and the following remedial works. We carried out the removal and reinstatement of the 350 tonne lock gates, utilising traditional methods of displacing the ballast water from the insides of the two gates. This allowed the gates to be capsized and rotated on to their backs.

Other contractors had based their submissions on mobilising large floating plant, sourced from outside the UK, to lift the gates clear of the water. Our practical and cost-effective method saved the client substantial cost.